"Lazarus Rising"Edit

While thwarting the plans of Dragon Fly, Tiger Moth and Silken Spider, Batman receives word that Ra's al Ghul has returned from the dead. In actuality however, Ra's is having troubles finding a suitable host body in which to transfer his consciousness into. Initially attempting to use the body of former henchman and action star Sam Tang, Ra's finds that Tang was poisoned with radiation causing his body to deteriorate quickly. In order to remedy the situation, Ra's will need access to the Fountain of Life Unceasing in the shifting city of Nanda Parbat - something that the leader of his former League the Sensei would like to stop.

Eager to reclaim his throne as the leader of the League of Assassins, Ra's tries to personally convince Damian to allow Ra's to possess him. When Damian rebukes his offer, Ra's demands that the boy comply. Eternally headstrong, Damian flees while the assassins (no longer taking orders from Talia since Ra's has made his return) attempt to stop him. Damian bursts through the window and heads off into the night to find and warn his father of the Demon's Head's return.


"Lazarus Rising"Edit