"He Who Is Master"Edit

Batman tells Ra's that he wouldn't have to inhabit a new body if he could just restore Sam Tang's corpse to its former glory before it was poisoned by the radiation. In order to do that, Ra's would need access to the Fountain of Life within Nanda Parbat - the site of Bruce's rebirth ritual. Bruce offers to show Ra's the way to the hidden city in exchange for letting the boys go. Ra's agrees. The Sensei however has already beaten them there. Seeking to poison the fountain so that Ra's cannot use it, Sensei demands the key to the temple containing the Fountain. The monks refuse and remind the Sensei that the Fountain brings death to those lacking purity of spirit.

Batman and Ra's arrive at Nanda Parbat and defeat the Sensei's Men of Death while the Sensei continues to make his way towards the fountain. Ra's and Batman follow and along the way Ra's reveals that the Sensei is in fact his father. Arrive at the fountain, Sensei stabs Ra's through the heart effectively re-killing him. Batman and the Sensei do battle but despite Batman's years of training, it cannot compare to the Sensei's centuries of experience. Although the Sensei is a well trained warrior, he is also an old man and Batman only needs to outlast his limited stamina.

Despite being impaled with the Sensei's staff, Batman outlasts the old man and the Sensei tires. Sidestepping Sensei's final attack, Batman allows the Sensei to fall into the fountain. True to prophecy, the Fountain burns the impure Sensei and kills him. Batman collapses to the ground presumably dead. Luckily the Fountain of Life is nearby. Outside the temple, a group of monks go to check on Ra's al Ghul's corpse. Ra's transfers his life force into one of the monks and walks away. Re-awakened form the dead, Batman stands within the Fountain of Life and shouts out Ra's name in anger.


"He Who Is Master"Edit