"Joe Chill in HELL"Edit

Bruce Wayne is undergoing the Thogal Ritual, an extended form of meditation that simulates death and after-death. During this state of meditation, Wayne experiences a hallucination. In the hallucination, Joe Chill, the criminal who killed Wayne's parents, is locked in his penthouse suite, surrounded by criminals, presumably in hiding from Batman. Wayne also remembers his parents' death and part of the of the training he undertook to become Batman. Still hallucinating, Batman attends Jason Todd's funeral and realizes he has been distancing himself from Tim Drake, in case he loses him too. Batman appears in Joe Chill's penthouse and defeats his guards. He then puts a gun to Chill's head and tells him that Chill is responsible for him becoming the Batman. He then gives the gun to Chill, presumably to kill himself, because if the Underworld knew he was responsible for the Batman, they would kill him.


"Joe Chill in HELL"Edit