"Midnight in the House of Hurt"Edit

Le Bossu, a hunchback, is being wooed by the criminal organization Black Glove. To test their abilities he kills a man on their meeting places doorstep, which they've begun to cover up before he even has his wrap off.

Gotham City is experiencing a lull of super-crime, prompting Alfred and Robin to convince Batman to "take it easy" after his recent "four minute death". He agrees to do so, taking the new Batmobile out instead of working on the "Black Glove case", and ends up chasing down a light-weight, drugged-up, costumed criminal who's taken a family hostage in a car.

When they return to Wayne Manor, Bruce wordlessly goes to his bedroom, still partially in costume, and embraces Jezebel Jet. Alfred and Tim go to the Batcave, discussing Damian al Ghul's paternity along the way, and Alfred reveals that a DNA test was done but it was decided that Bruce was waiting to tell Tim the results "when the time was right." Bruce takes Jezebel to his parents grave site, where he lays flowers, and they discusses pending separations due to work. Before they say goodbye, she gives him a "mysterious" envelope from an "elite group of incredibly rich people" inviting them to a Danse Macabre themed party being held by the Black Glove.


"Midnight in the House of Hurt"Edit