"Old Sins Cast Long Shadows"Edit

Dick Grayson continues to search, both literally and figuratively, for a sense of balance in his new role as Batman. On the more practical level he finds himself thrown off greatly by the full-length cape. Having spent years fighting crime sans-cape he's now struggling with the addition of what he calls "a ball gown made out of Kevlar." Also, he realizes that neither he nor Damian will ever be the crime fighting duo that his predecessors were. But he still continues to train with the boy, trying to help him overcome his volatility and gain some focus. All the while, he is trying to develop his own unique approach to the mantle of the Bat, trying to stake out his own claim to the role while he helps win back Gotham City from the crime bosses and ubiquitous police and military presence which has taken over watch.

For instance, this new and improved Batman takes a different approach to security cameras and the media. Whereas the old guard would spend countless hours dis-engaging security cameras and shying away from the public eye, Dick goes out of his way to make sure the citizens of Gotham know that Batman is watching them. He not only mugs for the camera, but he also keeps surveillance equipment intact, allowing for not only public assurance that the Batman is back, but also a quick and easy conviction for the city prosecutors. This of course works to the great disadvantage of the returned crime-king the Penguin who takes out his frustration on his second in command Bosworth. Whereas before the penalty for a job like last night's at the dock would be a few broken bones and maybe an easy acquittal thanks to his well paid legal team, now his men are getting locked up. Worse yet he fears this could bring the Batman's attention to him. Something he certainly does not want.

But for all the stress it's causing the Penguin, the increased amount of video footage of the new Batman has a slightly different effect on Two-Face. Having seen some of the feed he immediately orders his men to get more intel on Penguin's next operation and have it leaked. Not so that he can spoil it directly but so that he can get more coverage of this new Batman. There's something very familiar about this Bat's crime fighting technique. Something that Harvey would like to see more of. And so, Dick Grayson continues to fight crime, smiling for the paparazzi, all the while blissfully unaware that in three weeks time, he'll be on the receiving end of one of the worst beatings he's received in recent history.


"Old Sins Cast Long Shadows"Edit