"Riddle Me This, Part 2: A Means To An End"Edit

After chasing murder suspect Sebastian Blackspell, Batman found a giggling, drooling Edward Nigma. Someone had gassed him with a cheap version of Joker Toxin. He’s now been taken out of the investigation as he is laid up, laughing, in a hospital bed.

Batman goes to Arkham to question Firefly. All of the murder victims have been Firefly’s cell neighbors at one point or another. Batman tells Firefly he’s busting him out, no strings attached. Firefly wants no part of it. He fears that he will be the next one to be killed. Instead, Firefly decides to talk. He tells Batman of a man named Blackspell the Magician. Blackspell came to Firefly, Riddler, and other gentlemen who are now wearing toe tags. Blackspell had a business proposition for them all. The plan was to begin siphoning off money from Gotham’s kingpins. It was going great. They were in the money. Then, all of a sudden, the Riddler went off his rocker and became a private investigator. The group was finished. Blackspell was all set to leave the country with the majority of the group’s money. Firefly and the gang tried to stop him, but Blackspell did some magic, and left for Paris.

Batman returns to Blackspell’s apartment, the scene of the most recent crime. He’s not satisfied with it. Something is different than all of the others. This one was sloppy. Batman finally catches on to the game. He knows who’s really behind it all. Riddler then proceeded to concoct an elaborate plan to use his associations with Blackspell to goad Blackspell into attacking and killing the old members of the group. so Riddler could make away with the money. The plan worked and Blackspell began to attack the members; when Blackspell learned of Riddler's plan, he didn't attack the Riddler and caused the Riddler to do some drastic things.


"Riddle Me This, Part 2: A Means To An End"Edit