"Time and the Batman"Edit

It starts with Bruce still as Batman, and Dick as Robin, with the Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, Scarecrow having kidnapped them and put them in a time torture with a device made by a Professor Nichols, and shortly the two get free and win, debating how the machine could be used for their gain, but Batman reminding Dick what's done is done and they can't change their past. Later, Dick is Batman and Damian is Robin, and they are investigating the same lab, only with the professor dead in it. Dick notices he's in his 80s but should only be in his 60s. When later placing a wreath by the theater where Bruce's family died, we see them do "community crimefighting" and stop a big weapons sale, debating the whole time when Damian would finally be ready to be Batman. Later, Damian is Batman, working to solve a case that leads him to encounter Prof. Nichols, and eventually begin solving the mystery of how he died. Last, there is a glimpse of Batman Beyond's world, and other dystopian like settings where a Batman rises up, with the idea that there will always be a Batman when he's needed.


"Time and the Batman"Edit