"The Hole In Things"Edit

Bruce plunges into the depths of the Gotham River after blowing up Hurt's helicopter. Hurt seems to possess a similar survival instinct - which goes a long way towards the theory that Bruce is now older. Hurt actually put some sort of curse on the cape and cowl itself, one that ties in with the Miagani's warnings about it and the fact that it got hit by the Omega Sanction. There's a definite connection between Hurt and Darkseid, or at least Hurt had foreknowledge of what happened. He meets Ellie again, after the fight with Hurt, and Batman offers her a job as a receptionist at Waynetech. However, when Bruce arrives home, to sleep for three days, someone comes. Superman calls Bruce, since the rich billionaire is better suited to a decisions in an investigation, than actual space cops. Bruce seems pretty convinced that Hurt's curse is for real, however. Somehow, the Black Casebook is written in about the past events of the Final Crisis in Bruce's handwriting, which is impossible since he supposedly got amnesia after being Omega Sanctioned by Darkseid.


"The Hole In Things"Edit