"Batman's Last Case"Edit

Wally mentioned that Bruce had theorized about the bullet traveling through time; As much as Batman goes on about how he's out of his depth here, he's the only person realizing that he's dealing with the New Gods not on a physical level, but an ideological one. The box that Batman's referring to is the Ancestor Box, and he's trying to figure out where it started trapping his life, but it probably opened the day he was born. He's losing his memory of the events as he recounts them, although whether this is due to Omega or the Lump is unclear. Bruce arrives in the past and quickly removes his cape and cowl. Batman is somehow attached to both the Ancestor Box and the hyperfauna, it's why he can still hear the ringing of the box's bells. Anthro dies upon seeing Batman. Bruce removes the recorder, marks his bat, and leaves his cave.


"Batman's Last Case"Edit