"The Great Escape"Edit

When a "common thief" vexes the caped crusader, it's the mouthy Damian Robin that triggers a "Wayne's World" flavored flashback for Dick Grayson as he remembers a similar foe from his own time as the sidekick of the Dark Knight. That "common thief" is a legacy character tied to the long-forgotten Batfoe, the Getaway Genius. Yet, the original Getaway Genius recently died due to cancer, so his daughter, Olivia Reynolds takes over his spot. Meanwhile, Vicki Vale continues to be a thorn in the side of Batman. Grayson vents his spleen a little in her direction. I'm not the world's greatest detective, but I'm pretty sure that the upcoming storyline in Batman's books might have something to do with Ms. Vale and her quest to prove what she thinks. Dick Grayson tries to teach Damian Wayne a lesson on right and wrong.


"The Great Escape"Edit