"See No Evil"Edit

Batman joins forces with Peacock who's as dangerous as she is beautiful. When members of a secret order turn up dead and tortured in Gotham City's Chinatown district, I-Ching informs Batman that he fears an ancient mask called the Beholder is the target. And that the only one who might be capable of locating the mask, a young boy named Luki Lo is now held captive of The Sensei. Batman connects this case to that of a missing satellite architect. With few clues to go by and the stakes getting higher, Batman races to locate the surviving members of the order before it's too late. Yet, they didn't save him, but Batman leaves instantly for Gotham.

Dick decides to investigate further, and meets Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock at the scene of the apparent murder suicide. Turns out that there were phone records between the house and the shop, and another familiar face’s residency, Lucius Fox.

Dick speeds to Fox’s home, hoping that he doesn’t share the fate of the other two men. He finds the place ransacked, but no signs of anyone being killed. With thermal imaging, he sees where the last heat signatures where. Two perpetrators, one big, one small, like a child… There’s a rattling in the desk behind Dick. He goes to investigate, opens the draw, and finds multiple devices buzzing with “?” on them.

A white flash goes off, Dick becomes blind and disoriented, he hears a voice taunt him, as it kicks him out the window. He lands on the a car, and his body becomes numb. As he’s opening his eyes, Dick makes out two figures over him. The first says “and you said he was gonna be tough.” The other figure scolds the first saying, “You have a lot to learn, kiddo. First off… never, never, ne-verrrrrrr underestimate the caped crusader.” Dick opens his eyes to see Edward Nigma, The Riddler, standing over him, but he’s not alone, at his side is his daughter, Enigma.


"See No Evil"Edit