"Speak No Evil"Edit

Sensei trying to torture information out of Lucius Fox about something... Lucius has no clue what the Sensei wants. He brings Tam Fox into the room, promising to torture her if Lucius didn't tell Sensei what he wanted to know. Across Gotham, Engima and Riddler are kicking Dick, and they probably would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for Enigma activating the signal on Dick’s belt. Robin comes flying in to help out and “save” Dick. As per usual, the two fight off some thugs, Dick makes fun of Damian and his hormones, so on and so on. In the midst of the fight, Riddler and Enigma manage to escape. Dick continues his hunt to go find the person who was chasing Reaper, Kitrina Falcone, aka Catgirl. He finds her training in Selina’s house, and with Selina hesitantly backing him up, Kitrina decides to spill the beans, and lead Dick to the building where she found Reaper.

Dick travels to Arkham where he interrogates Reaper, who is under heavy sedation, on top of him being nuts to begin with. Alyce Sinner allows Dick to do whatever he wants, since Reaper betrayed her by giving Batman info about Black Mask. The only usable bit he gets out of Reaper is “find the chinese butcher… you do that, you can save us all.” Elsewhere, I-Ching leaves a healing Peacock to go after Sensei and save her brother. One of the shops in the streets below is a butcher shop, where I-Ching had already busted the door in. Inside, Dick finds I-Ching’s glasses, and before he knows it, is ambushed by Sensei.


"Speak No Evil"Edit