"The Evil Within"Edit

Batman arrives out of nowhere and warns Sensei that the power is too strong, but Sensei believes himself to be worthy to wield the power and disregards the warning. Suddenly, the mask comes off and Luki grabs it and I-Ching declares him the rightful owner. Enraged, Sensei attacks Luki and strikes the mask, breaking it into pieces. Knowing that he has lost this battle, Sensei saves face by picking up the pieces of the mask and escaping. In the aftermath, Peacock and Luki entrust Batman with the piece of the mask that Sensei was not able to salvage, warning him that there is no doubt he will one day return to have it for himself.

Elsewhere, Riddler and his daughter Enigma, meet up with his client in an abandoned diner outside of Gotham. Riddler hands over the list of all the past and current members of the Jade Compass Society to the woman who hired him. In return, he gets a briefcase full of gold, but asks for his bonus, all the files the DA has on him. The woman who hired Nigma promises to hand over the files as long as he completes one simple job, she says as she flips a scarred coin.


"The Evil Within"Edit