"One Good Man"
General Information
Series: Batman
Judgment on Gotham
Issue Number: 708
First Published: May 2011
Previous Issue: Batman #707
Next Issue: Batman #709


"One Good Man"Edit

At Devil’s Square, and Grayson assumes that it involves Azrael. He is correct as he arrives on the scene to find Azrael’s follower, the Crusader is creating a ruckus in the name of God and his boss Azrael. The Crusader has mental powers such as telekenesis and pyrokinetics. He utilizes these powers while quoting scripture or his own variation on it. Not only is the Crusader present, but so too are Catwoman and Red Robin. Azrael soon follows to tell them all that they will be tested to determine the fate of Gotham. Ra’s Al Ghul is involved, providing his “angels of death” with a meta-human named Fireball that will deal out Gotham’s punishment whether the heroes succeed in passing Azrael’s test or not.


"One Good Man"Edit





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