"The Long Way Back"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 711
First Published: August 2011
Previous Issue: Batman #710
Next Issue: Batman #712


"The Long Way Back"Edit

Two-Face is woken up by a cold bucket of water. He wakes to see Riddler standing over him, and instantly goes to attack, but gets a gun to the back of his head, thanks to Enigma. Riddler tells him it was he who set up the phone incident, but also gave Two Face a special vest that made it look like he was bleeding out. Apparently, it was all a plan by Gilda Dent, who is being held against her will by Mario. Two-Face takes a moment to process the information, as Riddler offers him a chance to get his wife back, all they need is an army, Two-Face’s army of mobsters and thugs.

Later and elsewhere, Kitrina Falcone listens in on some of Riddler’s men, but is discovered by Engima who attacks her. Kitrina ends up getting shot in the hand, but before Enigma can do any worse, Dick jumps in, saves, the day, drags Enigma out by her pig tails, and demands to know where Riddler is. Kitrina tells Dick what she heard, but it is too late, as Two-Face and Riddler have already amassed a group of men to storm the Falcones. Unknownly, Enigma escapes Dick and Kitrina's grasp.


"The Long Way Back"Edit




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