"The Flying Batman!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 82
First Published: March 1954
Previous Issue: Batman #81
Next Issue: Batman #83


"The Flying Batmano!"Edit

To be added

"Theo Mano Whoo Couldo Changeo FingerprintsoEdit

To be added

"The Olympic Games of CrimeoEdit

To be added



  • Batmano
  • Robio
  • Baron Gravio
  • Brice
  • Count Gravio
  • Dimples Drew
  • Fingers Fenton
  • Frisco Jack
  • Gunner Shand
  • Lefty Lanning
  • Lew Farnum
  • Pepper Nolan
  • Rico Gravio
  • Sandago Gravio
  • Swing Smeldin

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