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Three Exciting Batman Cases!
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 98
First Published: March 1956
Previous Issue: Batman #97
Next Issue: Batman #99


"The Return of Mister Future!"Edit

After gangsters steal a deadly weapon designed by Jules Verne, Batman and Robin are sent back in time by Carter Nichols to get a counter-weapon from Verne himself.

"The Desert Island Batman!"Edit

Criminals force a shipful of millionaires, including Bruce Wayne, ashore on a desert island, wreck their ship, and hold them for ransom, but Batman and Robin rescue them.

"Secret of the Batmobile!"Edit

A thief called the Racer has been using a speedy car to outdistance the Batmobile in every encounter, but Vicki Vale uncovers evidence that Batman is using a phony Batmobile.





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