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"The Phantom of the Bat-Cave!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 99
First Published: April 1956
Previous Issue: Batman #98
Next Issue: Batman #100


"The Golden Eggs!"Edit

The Penguin frames a new series of crimes around the birds that hatch from a cache of eggs in his hideout.

"Batman - Frontier Marshall!"Edit

A newspaper reporter finds an 1880 newspaper fragment with a photo of Batman in the Old West, so Batman and Robin have Prof. Nichols send them back to 1880 to uncover the solution to the mystery.

"The Phantom of the Bat-Cave!"Edit

Batman and Robin notice trophies in the Bat-Cave disappearing and being replaced by plastic top hats, and are blackmailed by Pardu, a magician, for $10,000 for their secrets.




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