Believing The Dynamic Duo has been finished off, The Pudgy Purveyor Of Perfidy and his Finks quickly dash to establish their "alibis". Meanwhile, Batman has reached the emergency tank of Batoxygen in his utility belt to stay conscious long enough to use his Batknife and sever the bonds tying him and Robin so they can escape the deadly vacuum tank. Now convinced that Alfred Pennyworth has been brainwashed, The Caped Crusader gives him the information The Penguin wants. When Penguin calls Wayne Manor and signals Alfred to relay the info, the butler reveals that the dinner is to be held on board the good ship S.S. Gotham Neptune and that the chosen beauty queen is Miss Natural Resources. The Penguin then releases Alf from his power, causing him to forget what has transpired.That very night, Penguin switches his latest moll, Finella, for Miss Natural Resources and arms her with an umbrella triggered with knockout gas. Fearing for the attending millionaires' safety, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson decide to attend the dinner as The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder. All goes well until time arrives for dessert with the giant cake containing Finella. As she pops out of the cake, she uses Penguin's gas-filled umbrella to put the millionaires to bed; as they slumber, The Penguin and his Finks snatch the charity money and rush back to their hideout to divvy up the loot. But poor Finella suffers a fit of remorse for her actions. Unknown to her, and Penguin, The Dynamic Duo had taken AntiPenguin Gas Pills beforehand, and took a shortcut to the felonious fowl's hideout; there they lay in wait for Penguin, thrash him and his lackeys about, and re-cage him. The Multimillionaires' Annual Award Dinner transfers to Wayne Manor for safety, and Finella (appearing in a mink stole) is given a police escort there by Commissioner Gordon.


Batman faces The Catwoman!

Repeat Episodes The Purr-Fect Crime/Better Luck Next Time



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