After several minutes, Jervis Tetch is convinced that The Batman has smothered to death inside the plaster, and he has the real Marbot break it open in order to obtain a mold of The Caped Crusader's cowl. As Marbot slowly chips away at the plaster shroud, they hear someone chipping away from the inside! Lo and behold, Batman - who wisely held his Batbreath - emerges from the plaster, and The Mad Hatter and his cronies Cappy and Dicer make a hasty retreat. They try to utilize The Batmobile as a getaway car, but they unknowingly trigger its Antitheft Device strategically set up by The Dynamic Duo (there have been a rash of recent car thefts in the area). Learning that The Hatter has only one more juror to capture, Turkey Bullwinkle, owner of the Bowl-O-Drome bowling alley, Batman arranges for Alfred to plant a Homing Battransmitter in Bullwinkle's bowler, hoping that it will lead them to The Mad Hatter's hideaway.Later that night, at The Bowl-O-Drome, Alf succeeds in planting the device moments before The Hatter and his assistant, Lisa - posing as a reporter for Male Mode, a magazine devoted to men's fashion - swipe his hat. Unfortunately, as Bullwinkle confronts The Mad Hatter, they drop the hat, unwittingly exposing the Battransmitter. Jervis Tetch sees this as a golden opportunity to lure The Batman into a trap, and subsequently uses his Super Mesmerizer on Turkey Bullwinkle and makes off with his 12th and final juror and his bowler. The Mad Hatter deliberately leads The Darknight Duo directly to his digs, where he hopes to use his ghastly machinery of his homicidal hat factory to dispose of them. They do fall into The Hatter's trap, but manages to overpower their vengeful adversary, eventually sending him plummeting into a vat of shrinking solution. Bruce and Dick later buy a hat for Aunt Harriet on her birthday at Madame Magda's.


The Joker returns!





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