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Having entombed Batman in Super-Fast Hardening Plaster, The Mad Hatter orders Marbot the sculptor to break open the plaster to obtain a mold of the Caped Crusader's cowl; however, Batman is still alive, having held his breath, and the headwear-obsessed villain and his henchmen are forced to flee. Later, Batman learns that the Hatter has just one more juror to capture: Turkey Bullwinkle, owner of the Bowl-O-Drome bowling alley. The Caped Crusaser arranges for Alfred to plant a Homing Battransmitter in Bullwinkle's bowler hat in the hope that it will lead them to the Mad Hatter's hide out, but when the Hatter and his assistant, Lisa, steal Bullwinkle’s hat they accidentally drop it, revealing the transmitter. The Hatter seizes the opportunity to lure Batman into a deadly trap at his homicidal hat factory…





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