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Batman Unveiled
General Information
Directed by: Caillou Pettis
Produced by: Caillou Pettis
Written by: Caillou Pettis
Tanner Johnson
Release Date: December 9, 2016
Duration: 65 minutes
Budget: $10,000
Previous Film: Batman
Next Film: Batman Returns

Batman Unveiled is an upcoming 2016 Batman fan film directed by Caillou Pettis. The film stars Caillou Pettis, Dawson Haase, Tanner Johnson, and Jade Robinson, and is written by Tanner Johnson and Caillou Pettis. Batman Unveiled takes place after the events of Batman (1989) but before the events of Batman Returns (1992).

Plot Edit

After the previous incident in Gotham City, it turns out the Joker isn't dead, and is still alive. As revenge on Batman, he seeks out to not only stop the Batman, but to find out who he truly is behind the mask.

Facts Edit

Batman Unveiled is completely inspired by the 1989 Batman film directed by Tim Burton. The film will incorporate and use the '89 Batsuit as well as have the same style.

Rating Edit

The film is expected to rated PG-13, according to

Cast Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Caillou Pettis' favorite Batman movie is Batman (1989).
  • The film's budget is $10,000.
  • The 1989 Batsuit will be the suit used in the movie.
  • Caillou Pettis was originally going to make the film a sequel to Batman Returns (1992).
  • Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad is Caillou Pettis' favorite actress.

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