Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin Teaser Cover
General Information
Type: Monthly Series
Total Issues: 26
Published: June 2009
Creators: Grant Morrison
Frank Quitely
Philip Tan
Cameron Stewart
Andy Clarke
Frazer Irving
Chris Burnham
Ethan Van Sciver
David Finch
Paul Cornell
Scott McDaniel
Guillem March
Gene Ha
Peter Tomasi
Patrick Gleason
Judd Winick
Greg Tocchini
J.G. Jones
Tony S. Daniels
David Hine


Batman and Robin is an ongoing DC Comics series written by Grant Morrison, featuring Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne in the title roles. Frank Quitely drew the first three issues, then Philip Tan took over, followed by Frazer Irving. Quitely will return for the last arc of the series. Following the apparent death of the original Batman, Bruce Wayne in Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis, the series chronicles the adventures of Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne, after they assumed the identity of Batman and Robin, respectively, in the Battle for the Cowl.

Batman and Robin (Volume 1) Story Arc's

Batman and Robin (Volume 1) Issues

Batman: The Return One Shot Issue


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