Arkham Knight-Batmobile
General Information
Official name: Batmobile
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Knight
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Type: Custom automobile
Used by: Batman

Batman: Arkham Knight, features the Batmobile, drivable for the first time in the Akrham Series, in Batman's fight against the combined forces of his deadliest foes.

Batman: Arkham Knight

The Batmobile is seen and used throughout the game and is the main fighting vehicle against the unmanned vehicles used by the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow.


Rocksteady's latest take on the Batmobile, appears somewhat similar to the Tumbler, due to it's heavily armored, exterior, being easily capable to withstanding automatic fire from an assault rifle, and a grenade launcher blast, with no ill effect on it's performance. Depsite this, it is much sleeker than the Tumbler. Featuring a central single man cockpit, as opposed to the traditional, two seater coupé design the Batmobile typically adheres to. However, the Batmobile features room to transport two passengers, within a sealed compartment within the back. It can can also strafe short distances, to avoid enemy attacks. Its also fast enough to be able to drive on walls and on ceilings. Each wheel has an independent suspension and turn. Giving the Batmobile a zero turning radius. The car can turn it's wheels 90° and crab steer (drive sideways).

Uniquely, the Batmobile has the Ability to transform, on the fly, into "Battle Mode" giving it the appearance of a battle tank, with a wider wheel base, and higher ground clearance. featuring various weapons. Including a Vulcan Minigun, 60mm Cannon, Missles, and Non lethal riot suppressors. Enemies who touch the batmobile will be knocked out by a charge of electricity. Other features include an EMP to stun hostile drones and knock missles out of the air, a device that allows drones to be hacked and turned against each other, and a power winch, to pull down walls, or to allow the batmobile to act as a counter weight. In this mode the Batmobile cannot travel at it's top speed. However, it gains the ability to move sideways and diagonally indefinitely, giving full maneuverability and control to firefights. The Headlights all turn red in this mode.

The Batmobiles momentum can be transferred to Batman, by accelerating, then ejecting, Allowing Batman to gain speed and height to his glide, allowing for faster traversal, of the entire city, and not just the streets. The Batmobile can be used in conjunction with the Batwing, presumably allowing quick transfer from one cockpit to another.

As with all Batmobiles, it can be summoned remotely, via the computer, housed with Batman's gauntlet.


  • The Batmobile is described by the Akrham Knight, as being a "Billion Dollar Tank"
  • In one of Joker's hallucinations, Joker mentions impressment at the weaponry and mentioned that it was almost as if an evil clown whispered some ideas for its development, implying that some of the "non-lethal" measures were created while Batman had been subtly influenced by Joker's toxin.


Arkham Knight Batmobile

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