Batmobile (BTAS) 02
General Information
Official name: Batmobile
Designed by: Shayne Poindexter (BTAS)
Type: Custom automobile
Used by: Batman

Designed, created and maintained by Earl Cooper and his daughter, this Batmobile was created when Batman turned to Earl after his first Batmobile became run down. Featuring all kinds of intricate details such as a turbine jet, grappling hook that deploys from the front, ejecting driver and passenger seats, on-board navigation and computer with video uplink, oil spillers and spiked wheels that deploy to do damage to an offender's car, the Batmobile is not only nice to look at but also deadly to go up against.

Original Batmobile (BTAS)

Batman's first Batmobile in Batman: The Animated Series

The same year that the second live-action Batman movie, Batman Returns, was released, a new television series began. Batman: The Animated Series followed the "Dark Knight" style of Batman, with gothic scenery, dramatic plots, and dark characters. No specific time period was given for the series, but it combined designs from pre World War II New York City with modern components like jet propulsion and computers.

The-adventures-of-batman-robin-20080722105456712 640w

Batman's second Batmobile.

The Batmobile created for the series was drawn with the same concept. It combined elements from the movies and comics, and was designed with square lines, long fins, and a blunt nose with a chrome grill. As this was an animated car, and engineering concepts did not have to be taken into account, this Batmobile had numerous gadgets that would not fit into a real car. Among the features were: smoke and oil dispensers, wheel slasher hubs, a missile rack, tear gas dispensers, ejection seats, titanium alloy wheels and body panels, and reversible jet exhausts. It also had a "shield" mode to prevent people from tampering when the car when it was left unattended, though it was not as overt as the "cocoon" used on the 1989 Batmobile. Despite the obvious presence of the jet exhaust, the show frequently used sound effects from a reciprocating engine for the Batmobile's driving scenes. This, plus direct views of the engine (as seen in the episode The Mechanic), suggest that the car uses a large piston engine for primary power, and an auxiliary jet for high-speed acceleration. The book Batman: The Ultimate Guide to The Dark Knight classifies this Batmobile as Batmobile #5, Type- Drag Racer.

Batmobile (TNBA) 01

The Batmobile in The New Batman Adventures.

This design was used through 1995, when the series was finished. The show would, however, return as the revised The New Batman Adventures starting in 1997.

The Batmobile was also updated for the show, this time as a sleek two passenger coupe. Like the earlier cartoon, the only traditional Batmobile features it retained were the fins and split windshield. Like other Batmobiles, it also had jet thrusters, although they were now a pair of long, thin slits on the rear bumper.

Though The New Batman Adventures ended its TV run in 1999, this car design would be used throughout the comics based on the series, and was the car used in the Justice League series.

This Batmobile was not revisited again until the first episode of Batman Beyond. Although another Batmobile was used by the Batman in the series, the old Batmobile from The New Batman Adventures could still be glimpsed in the Batcave.

Pan12 01

A view of the Batcave from Batman Beyond. The Batmobile from The New Batman Adventures can be glimpsed to the far left.

Most recently, this Batmobile was also heavily featured in The Batman Handbook, a complete guide for anyone curious about the real-world applications of Batman's training. Highlights from the book include a complete "How to Bulletproof your Batmobile," "Essential Extras for your Vigilante Vehicle" (including ceramic fractal armor, self-destruct mechanism, and grapnel placement), and driving techniques like how to drive on two wheels and how to jump a bridge.

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