Batmobile BATB
General Information
Type: Transforming all-purpose vehicle
Used by: Batman

The Batmoblie is the key form of transportation used by Batman in his war against crime. In this incarnation the Batmoblie has a unique application - a triple changer function which features The Batplane, The Batboat, Batcycle and an exoskeleton robotic Bat-Bot suit.


As a cutting piece of technology developed by Bruce Wayne's company Wayne Enterprises, the Batmobile was used by the Caped Crusader in his crime fighting career. Batman has used the Batmobile for so many years that it has become almost synonymous with the Dark Knight himself.

The Batmobile was first seen in its Batplane form during the episode "Terror on Dinosaur Island". The Batboat format appeared in "Journey to the Center of the Bat!" The actual car made its debut in "Day of the Dark Knight" while the Batcycle was first shown in "Enter the Outsiders". The Bat-Bot appeared in "Night Of The Huntress".


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