The Batrope is a tool used by the Bat Family for climbing and swinging from buildings primarily.


The Batrope (or Bat-Line) is a length of monofilament wire attached to a spool, and concealed within a special compartment on Batman's utility belt. It is used primarily for scaling the sides of buildings and ensnaring targets. Although not the most glamorous item in Batman's crime-fighting arsenal, it is doubtless one of his more useful tools, and comes in handy when rooftop patrolling is more expeditious than conveyance via Batmobile. Batman has upgraded the Batrope in recent years to include a spring-loaded delivery system, and a grappling hook attachment. The Batrope is used to travel short distances in little time. Many of Batman's allies also use versions of the Batrope including Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin. Although the Batrope is highly durable, certain items have been capable of slicing through it, including Batarangs.

Notes Edit

  • The device has now been called the Grapple or Grapnel and is usually attributed to the device or delivery system firing the line rather than the line itself, with one such version of it being the Grapple Gun.