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The Batskiboat
General Information
Official name: Batskiboat
Appearances: Batman Returns
Designed by: Jacques Rey
Type: Custom watercraft
Used by: Batman
"Something is approaching. Very large, very fast..."
The Poodle Lady[src]

The Batskiboat[1] (or Batski) is a water vehicle. It is a single-seater and has a similar arsenal to the Batmobile, including torpedo launchers.


Batman ReturnsEdit

"I'm homing in on the signal's origin."

Batman used the Batskiboat to travel through Gotham's sewer system and infiltrate the Penguin's lair. It also has a radar, which can be used by Batman to control each area of Gotham City. He was able to use this to study the positions of the Rocket-Armed Penguins preparing to attack Gotham Plaza. It was later used to crush The Penguin's Duck Vehicle as he was trying to escape in it, and also to release a swarm of bats, which played a part in knocking Penguin through the skylight of his own base.

The Batskiboat was never used again, it was most likely destroyed by the penguin rockets that decimated a large portion of the zoo. Batman would later use a more traditional type of water vehicle called the Batboat.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Background Information and NotesEdit

Two Batskiboats were manufactured for Batman Returns: a full-size version 7.6 meters long and 4.9 meters wide, and a model 1.8 meters long and 1.2 meters wide.



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