"Something is approaching. Very large, very fast..."
―The Poodle Lady to Penguin.[src]

The Batskiboat[1] (or Batski) was a water vehicle. It was a single-seater and had a similar arsenal to the Batmobile, including torpedo launchers.


Batman ReturnsEdit

"I'm homing in on the signal's origin."
―Batman to Alfred.[src]

Batman used the Batskiboat to travel through Gotham's sewers and infiltrate the Penguin's lair. It also had a radar, which could be used by Batman to control each area of Gotham City. Batman was able to use that to study the positions of the Rocket-Armed Penguins who were prepared to attack Gotham Plaza. It was later used to crush the Penguin's Duck Car as he tried to escape in it and it also released a swarm of bats, which played a part in knocking Penguin through the skylight of Arctic World.

The Batskiboat was never used again as it was most likely destroyed by the Penguin rockets that decimated a large portion of the Old Zoo. Batman later used a more traditional type of water vehicle that was called the Batboat.

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Two Batskiboats models were made for Batman Returns: and a full-size version 7.6 meters long and 4.9 meters wide.


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