With Warner Bros. wishing to move the film franchise to a more mainstream audience, Joel Schumacher was made the franchise's new director by Terry Semel and Bob Daly. As part of Warner Bros' wish to appease the mainstream audience and target commercialism, the Batsuit was redesigned along the lines of a more "MTV organic, and edgier feel" to the suit. The construction of the suits followed the example of the first two films, inheriting the same difficulty with cowled actors turning their heads as in the previous films.

Perhaps the most notable, and most controversial, trait of the Schumacher Batsuits is the addition of nipples and codpieces, a design quirk cited as being influenced by the statues of the gods of ancient Greece.


Batman ForeverEdit

"Try a fireman, less to take off."
Batman (Val Kilmer)GPD

Two Batsuits are featured in Batman Forever the first of which, known as the "Panther Suit", focuses on a more stream-lined anatomical design than the Keaton-suits and a black/silver-tinted utility belt instead of a dull-gold one. The chest emblem is dark gold/bronze. Like in Batman Returns, this Batsuit features numerous suit-pieces to be chosen and assembled by Bruce in the Batcave. This is also the first costume to feature sculpted nipples on the pectorals.

A notable feature of the "Panther Suit" is a button on the utility belt which causes a fireproof coating to excrete from and cover the cape, allowing Batman to wrap it around himself as a shield from extreme fires.

After the regular Batsuits are destroyed by the Riddler, Bruce is forced to use a prototype "Sonar Suit", an iridescent silvery-black suit that possesses a more armor-like design than the "Panther Suit". The suit features a new bat symbol that is spread across the chest instead of being confined within an ellipse like in previous batsuits. This new Batsuit utilizes lenses that slide automatically over the cowl's eyeholes to display a sonar-generated image of Batman's surroundings to him, allowing him to see with more accuracy in extreme darkness or glare.

Batman & RobinEdit

George clooney as batman
"There's something about an anatomically correct rubber suit that puts fire in a girl's lips."
Poison Ivy[src]

As in the previous film, two Batsuits are featured in Batman & Robin Noticeably bluer in tone in some shots, the film's first suit is very similar to the "Panther Suit" in design but with a different utility belt and the all-black chest emblem. The suit's boots posses pop-out ice skates for traversing icy floors.

The film's second Batsuit, the Ice Armor, possesses silver armor pieces as well as an enlarged bat symbol much like the "Sonar Suit's" in Batman Forever.


Batman ForeverEdit

  • Energy Binder
  • Bat-Bolo
  • Grapple Gun
  • Grapple Gun (wrist mounted)
  • Welding Laser
  • Batarang
  • Jet Boots

Batman & RobinEdit

  • Magnet
  • Grapple Gun (vertical wrist mounted)
  • Bat-Bomb
  • Skates
  • Laser
  • Buzzsaw



  • The Batsuits in Batman Forever were created from a less dense mixture of foam rubber than in previous films, which resulted in much lighter suits and allowed more flexibility for actor Val Kilmer and the various stunt doubles, while increasing durability.
  • More than 100 Batman and Robin costumes were created to allow for the range of stunts in Batman Forever, from underwater scenes to scenes involving fire and extreme fighting.
  • An actor wearing the Sonar Batsuit appears in the 2003 WB film Looney Tunes: Back in Action, exasperated over Brendan Fraser ruining a movie scene in his pursuit of Daffy Duck.
  • The Sonarsuit of Batman Forever was used by director Christopher Nolan during auditions for the lead role in Batman Begins. It was worn by auditioning actors Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy among others.
  • The choice to have two suits in each film has been claimed to be a way to increase toy sales.
  • The Sonar-lenses in Batman Forever serve as a conceptual predessor to the sonar-lenses featured in The Dark Knight.
  • In Watchmen, director Zack Snyder and comic book artist Dave Gibbons choose to parody the molded muscle and nipple Batsuit design from the Schumacher era for the Ozymandias costume.