Battle for the Cowl: The Network
Battle for the Cowl The Network -1
General Information
Type: One-shot
Total Issues: 1
Published: July 2009
Creators: Fabian Nicieza
Don Kramer
J. Calafiore
Mark McKenna

Battle for the Cowl: The Network is a one-shot comic book, released as part of the Battle for the Cowl crossover storyline. There were five of these special one-shots, and they are collectively known as the Batman: Battle for The Cowl Companion series. It features the story of a group of Batman-affiliated heroes from outside of Gotham City that come to town to help control the chaos after Batman's apparent death.


"The Network"Edit

A wave of heroes arrive in Gotham City in this one-shot with hopes of helping stem the tide of chaos threatening to overwhelm everybody! Starring Huntress, Batgirl, Misfit, Ragman, Manhunter, and many others. Will these heroes succeed – or will they be victims of Gotham City's madness? And if they do succeed, what does the future hold for them?


"The Network"Edit

Featured CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Coming Soon


Other CharactersEdit

  • Claire Herndon (First and Only Known Appearance to Date)
  • Gretchen Walstead (First and Only Known Appearance to Date)
  • Miguel Vasquez (First and Only Known Appearance to Date)
  • Nurse Brown (First and Only Known Appearance to Date)



  • Coming Soon


  • Coming Soon


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