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Battle for the Cowl: The Underground
Battle for the Cowl The Underground -1
General Information
Type: One-shot
Total Issues: 1
Published: July 2009
Creators: Chris Yost
Pablo Raimondi

Synopsis for "The Underground"Edit

There is a hole in the Underground of Gotham since the disappearance of Batman. Penguin hires Riddler to find Black Mask, who has seemed to return from the dead, for him, so he can eventually kill him. At the same time, Catwoman is out searching for Two-Face and finds him. Catwoman can't keep up due to the fact she's been non-stop keeping an eye on the city and she's beat. Across town, Firefly, Killer Croc, and Poison Ivy have teamed up and interrupt a shipment to Penguin. The three go after Penguin as he is on the highway, but Catwoman breaks it up. Jason Todd in his new Batman suit busts in and he and Catwoman battle it out with Catwoman untimately being defeated. It ends with Harley, Riddler, and Poison Ivy standing above Catwoman.

Appearing in "The Underground"Edit

Featured CharactersEdit

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Supporting CharactersEdit

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Other CharactersEdit

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