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Becky Narita
Becky Narita
General Information
Real name: Rebecca Narita
Aliases: Becky
Alignment: Neutral
Affiliation: Peter McElroy (Co-Anchor)
Characteristics: Gender - Female
Hair - Red
Eyes - Brown
Portrayed by: Kit Hollerbach
Appearances: Batman

"Becky, this is hardly the time-- Becky!!"
Peter McElroy[src]

Becky Narita was a Gotham City television news anchor. She was poisoned live on television by The Joker's Smilex. However, the chemicals took some time to work, as Becky did her job as usual reporting on the mysterious deaths of Amanda Keeler and Candy Walker. When her co-anchor Peter McElroy was reporting on three similar deaths of hairdressers, Becky started showing discomfort, then laughing uncontrollably. After she collapsed the Gotham News crew members cut tape. While someone was yelling for paramedics, Becky was shown dead with a similar appearance to the Joker, then The Joker himself hijacked the airwaves with his lurid advertisement for Smylex.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Becky's surname Narita is Japanese for "to become a paddy field".
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