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Bethanie Ravencroft
Bethanie Ravencroft
General Information
Real name: Bethanie Ravencroft
Portrayed by: Cree Summer
Appearances: Beware the Batman

Bethanie Ravencroft was a therapist.


In "Secrets", it was revealed that Bethanie Ravencroft was a therapist at Blackgate Penitentiary. She, along with Joe Braxton, experimented on criminals, trying to wipe the part of their memory that made them criminals.

Bruce Wayne posed as a patient to investigate Ravencroft's office in the city. One of Ravencroft's test subjects, Margaret Sorrow, going by the name Magpie, went after Ravencroft, wanting her memories back from her. Ravencroft was rescued from Magpie by the Batman.

In "Toxic", Ravencroft went on a date with Bruce Wayne.

In "Family", Bethanie enticed Bruce to the Argus Club location where it was revealed that she was working with Silver Monkey to obtain Katana's stolen Soultaker Sword. Lady Shiva had been keeping tabs on the pair who believed they were operating without Lady Shiva's knowledge. Lady Shiva had Silver Monkey punished, retreived the sword, and used its soultaker power on Ravencroft.


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