Batman manages to evade the tiger Catwoman has set loose on him long enough to get out his own Batclaws from his utility belt and climb up the wall, taking him out of the big cat’s reach. Plugging his ears with a pair of earplugs he then subdues the tiger with super-amplified sounds from his Batcommunicator, allowing him to make his escape and begin the search for Robin, who has been separated from him. Meanwhile, Catwoman has balanced Robin on the end of a board, and is releasing sand onto the other end to make the Boy Wonder sink slowly into a pit of hungry tigers. The felonious feline then leaves to search for Captain Manx's treasure, having created a map by joining the two Golden Cat statues together and then drawing the outline. After Batman arrives in time to save Robin, the two crime fighters overpower all of Catwoman’s henchmen except for Leo, who escapes to rejoin his boss. Back at the Batcave, the Dynamic Duo use the Golden Cats to determine where the treasure is buried; but when they arrive at McElroy Point in the Batmobile, they soon find themselves facing Catwoman's deadly minefield…


The Return of The Penguin!




  • Robin weighs 132 pounds on the Balance beam
  • After Batman and Robin subdue two to Catwoman henchmen {Felix and unnamed} Batman tells Chief O'Hara to pick up Felix. He seems to have forgotten the 3rd henchmen.
  • After Leo is knocked out by Catwoman's knockout gas, the dynamic Duo arrived to chase Catwoman. After she falls, the dynamic dwo come back and find Catwoman's cat. What happened to Leo?
  • After Catwoman falls into bottomless crevese she uses up one of her nine catlives; the second time this happens is also she falls 200 feet off a warehouse roof into a river trying to escape Batman Scat! Darn Catwoman

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