Beware the Batman Instinct
General Information
Directed by: Rick Morales
Written by: John Matta
Matt Weinhold
Series: Beware the Batman
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Original Airdate: October 5, 2013
Previous Episode: "Sacrifice"
Next Episode: "Attraction"

"Instinct" is the eleventh episode of Beware the Batman.


Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad are back and they’ve set their sights on Gotham’s elite couture culture. Leaving clues that only Batman can decipher, they attack both a model and a clothing designer – encasing them in deadly traps. Although Batman and Katana are able to save the day, they miss Pyg and Toad’s master plan: to destroy the yacht where the after-party for Gotham’s Fashion Week is being staged. Every fashion icon in the world will be there as well as Bruce Wayne!

Voice Cast and CharactersEdit


To be added


Previous episode: Next episode:
"Sacrifice" "Attraction"

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