"Dreams That Never Were"Edit

The Birds of Prey have been subdued by a team of super-humans from Basilisk led by a woman called Tsiklon who seems to have a history with Condor. All four members of the Birds are being subdued by the mental power of the one called Uplink, but her control is limited by the effort required.

In their positions of weakness, each of the team members is fed dreams that never came to pass. Ben dreams of wining and dining Dinah, and eventually the two of them would fall in love with one another. Dinah dreams of Team 7's fateful encounter with Pandora's Box. In this dream, though, her husband Kurt survived, but even so, he absolves her of any responsibility to him, and fades away leaving Ben in his place. Though she feels lost, Dinah puts her trust in him.

Barbara, meanwhile, dreams of her family, still intact. Her father and mother are still together and her brother James, Jr. is perfectly sane. Barbara is accepted into the FBI's profiling division, and her parents are proud of her.

In the meantime, Tsiklon calls back to Regulus who commands that she ensure Black Canary is captured - she is the real reason for the whole mission.

Strix dreams of her grandmother, and a picnic they took together after church. Her grandmother encouraged her to sing for everyone, but when she opened her mouth, all that came out was a grunt. Suddenly, someone noticed a balloon floating toward them in the sky, and Mary tried to warn them about what she knew was coming, but coudn't. The explosion killed everyone, and burned her severely.

The truth of the dream is due to Uplink's decreasing control, and soon, Strix wakes from her sleep. Condor and Black Canary have already been shipped off, but Strix manages to drag Batgirl out of harms way, and defend herself. Batgirl is still woozy, but she holds her own long long enough for Tsiklon to return, and warn her companions to escape, since they have who they need. Angrily, Batgirl promises to get Dinah and Ben back.

Dinah wakes to find that her Canary Cry won't work, and after some investigation, discovers that her husband Kurt is being held in a tube in the room with her, dampening her abilities. He's supposed to be dead.


"Dreams That Never Were"Edit