"You Might Think"Edit

Black Canary tries her best to convince her team-mates that Poison Ivy would make a good addition to their team, given her immunity and skill sets. Glancing at one another, Starling and Katana are unconvinced, and attack.

Ivy's vines protect her from any of the girls' moves, but when Starling reveals that she's dropped an explosive device at Ivy's feet, she relents. Wanting to prove herself, Ivy offers to interrogate the man they've captured. Using her pollen, she seduces the man into dropping his inhibitions. When she pulls back, instead of telling the location of his superiors, the man begins to recite a rhyme.

Hearing the rhyme has a strange effect on Dinah; a feeling she had just before Charlie Keen exploded at Gotham Airport. Starling notices Dinah's reaction, and realizes that the man is about to explode. They all try to dodge the blast, but it is Ivy who saves them, taking the brunt of the blast on herself.

While Ivy recovers in the forest, Dinah and the others go to the safe house, however, nobody is there. Starling happens to find some scraps of paper on the floor, and determines that they might indicate the names of two more human bombs. On the express train to Metropolis, Dinah and Ev work on drugging the two passengers they have targeted while Katana searches for more invisible soldiers and Ivy works on stopping the train. Ivy makes her way to the engineering room just before Katana is informed by her husband that there are enemies on the train. Unfortunately, Ivy is surprised by the soldiers, and they shock her into submission with tasers.

Meanwhile, Dinah suddenly hears a voice in her head. The voice tells her to call off the mission or everyone on the train will die. When Dinah first encountered the invisible soldiers, they douched her three times, and each time implanted one of the components of a bomb within her brain.

Desperately, Dinah calls off the mission while the voice begins to recite a nursery rhyme.


"You Might Think"Edit