"Clean Getaway"Edit

Brendan Bowman thinks that he is fine. He is feeling better than he ever as, and more productive too. When he stops by the corner deli for a coffee, he is pleased to think that the attractive blonde woman sitting at the bar is checking him out. When he reaches for his phone, though, he suddenly realizes that it's gone missing. Looking around, he sees another woman, a brunette, has stolen it, and she lures him out of the deli.

Brendan chases the woman down into an alley, where he demands to have his phone back. She simply states that he needs to come with them - them meaning herself and the blonde woman he had ogled earlier. These are Black Canary and Starling.

Brendan breaks free and returns to work, but instead of calling the police, he can't resist posting to a message board that he frequents about his 'mugging'. He gets a strange response from an unknown source with a line from a nursery rhyme. Forty minutes later, Brandon has already been recaptured by Katana, who is trying to inject him with something. He struggles, so Poison Ivy restrains him with her vines. He sees Batgirl out of the corner of his eye, and cries out for her to help him, but suddenly, he finds himself uncontrollably reciting the rhyme he read earlier. Batgirl reaches out and injects him with the syringe before he can complete it.

Later, Brendon wakes to see Black Canary standing over him. She explains that he is has actually been a sleeper agent for someone called Choke who uses nursery rhymes as triggers to take control of his mind and turn him into a 'Cleaner.' His last name isn't even Bowman - it's Hill. Naturally, he is skeptical that they are not the mind-controllers themselves, but their facial expressions alone convince him.

Despite Black Canary's reluctance, they decide to use Brendan as a mole, and send him back to work. Not long after he arrives at his desk, his coworkers begin reciting nursery rhymes. Nearly all of his office is made up of sleeper agents for Choke. The girls rush in to help him, as Black Canary calls out for Choke to reveal his or her face. Choke suggests through the thralls that Black Canary shouldn't trust her team members, but Black Canary trusts them completely, and she responds that through this set-up, they have finally caught Choke.


"Clean Getaway"Edit