"Blood and Circuits, Part Three: Freedom of Motion"Edit

Soon, Manhunter lies prone and unconscious at the feet of the giant guard. Barbara Gordon resumes her meeting in New York City with reporter, Lois Lane, reporter for the Daily Planet.

Meanwhile, at Oracle’s Command Center, Dalten Towers, Misfit intercepts a frantic call from Lady Blackhawk. Trapped in a warehouse by mercenaries hired by the West Coast Crime Families to silence a potential witness against them and his daughter, Barda, Judomaster, the Huntress and Lady Blackhawk have their backs against the wall. An overwhelmed Misfit, clearly not familiar with the myriad of computer screens in Oracle’s base of operations, frantically searches for a way to send help.

Back at Denasana Prison, Mexico, several members of the prison guard staff, supervised by the warden, wake the bruised and battered Manhunter for questioning.

Lois continues to fish for answers from a clearly stunned Barbara Gordon. Misfit finally makes a decision and teleports herself to the warehouse as a distracting element in the hopes that Barda, Judomaster, the Huntress and Lady Blackhawk will be able to have a fighting chance. It works well.

Meanwhile, Manhunter has had about as much of this interrogation as she will take, and strikes out at the guards. Exit guards; enter Miguel! This time, however, Manhunter decides not to throw the fight!

As Lois Lane and Barbara Gordon continue to match wits, Lois suddenly decides to make a strategic withdrawal. Have we seen the last of Lois? A sudden phone call from Katarina tells Barbara to “call off Manhunter, she’s gone rogue.


"Blood and Circuits, Part Three: Freedom of Motion"Edit