"Blood and Circuits, Part Four: Truth or Dare"Edit

On her way back from dinner with Lois, Babs thinks about her relationship with Katarina. She recalls that they hadn't really spoken to each other at all at college until they'd discovered they both loved to run. From then on they were best friends but always competing with each other. In one pivotal race, Katarina deliberately trips Babs, making her hurt herself, then goes on to win only to admit to the judges what she'd done and allow herself to be disqualified. From then on their friendship had ended.

Meanwhile, Manhunter is fighting Miquel and winning. Oracle works out that her agent has gone rogue and gets a call from Manhunter's real commander. He admits that there is an illegal trade in meta-human trafficking in Mexico and Manhunter's real mission was to stop it and release those already captured.

Back with the Birds of Prey, the team are running from the rogue agents. They finally catch up to the car with the girl in it only to find she's shot some agents with the same gun used to shoot her father.

Finally Katarina threatens Babs by threatening to arrest her and see what happens to her father. Babs agrees to have the Birds of Prey work for Katarina.


"Blood and Circuits, Part Four: Truth or Dare"Edit