"Stone Cold Knockout"Edit

Black Canary and Oracle discuss Dinah's marriage proposal from Oliver Queen, Green Arrow. Barbara brings up all of the past times Ollie has cheated on her, but although annoyed, Dinah remains persistent in her belief she should say yes.

At a motel, after making love, Knockout and Scandal get into a minor fight when Scandal accidentally brings up Knockout's defeat at the hands of Barda during the events of "Dead of Winter." Knockout goes to find Barda, who is busy helping Misfit babysit Sin, and sees a mysterious assailant stalking her. Demanding that Barda's death belongs to her, Knockout engages the man in conflict, but is quickly slain, shot and thrown off of a rooftop. The rest of the Birds, especially Barda, are immensely surprised to see her body.


"Stone Cold Knockout"Edit