"Apokolips Express"Edit

The train crashes at the other end of the boom tube, killing one of the US Marshals protecting the consignment of super-villains. They have arrived on Apokolips and come under attack almost immediately. The trenchcoat guy who has been proving to be a pain in Black Canary amd Oracle's side offers them a deal - release the super-villains to him, and he will return them safely back home - a US Marshal refuses the deal and guns him down. He survives, however, since all that was destroyed is an exo-skeleton he was wearing.

Back on Earth, Power Girl and Oracle come to the conclusion that there's little they can do for Canary other than hope.

The US Marshals are obliged to release the villains in order to stand a chance agains the attacking parademons, as Black Canary and Catwoman follow the 'person' who brought them to Apokolips, who turns out to be the smallest parademon ever seen - and whose mother box has been totally trashed...stranding them all on the hell planet.


"Apokolips Express"Edit