Black Canary confronts the runt parademon, Pharzoof, who is responsible for bringing her, Catwoman and a trainload of super-villains guarded by the US Marshals to Apokolips. He tells them a tale of woe: how he was left to starve as a 'child', yet somehow survived and developed a personality, unique among parademons. He wanted to take over Apokolips with the help of the super-villains from Earth, but at the moment, Black Canary and Catwoman are more interested in finding a mother box and getting home.

The US Marshals fight off an army of parademons and assorted other nasties, assisted by the villains, notably Joe Gardner and Shrapnel. Meanwhile, Black Canary and Pharzoof pursue a mother box, Catwoman being slightly distracted by the Apokolipsian diamond mines. Canary successfully locates a mother box but comes under attack from Lashina of the Female Furies. Luckily for her, there are only so many diamonds even Catwoman can carry, and the two are able to fend her off, get back to the Marshals and use the boom tube to head for Earth, leaving Pharzoof behind to face the wrath of an entire Apokolipsian army.

Returning to Earth, they are greeted by the rest of the US Marshals and Power Girl, who are able to contain the super-villains due to the threat of being returned back to Apokolips if they don't behave.