"Nuclear Roulette"Edit

Power Girl, via Atlantean magic, lends Black Canary her ability to fly, and the two of them target the ship which is carrying the nuclear weapons which the Joker has aimed at New York. They are, however, unable to stop the launch. Power Girl destroys the first of the six missiles, which explodes conventionally, and Canary learns that only one of the six missiles actually includes a neutron bomb. Power Girl is able to destroy another two missiles, but Oracle must now turn to her contacts at the Pentagon, and defend New York via the military's strategic defence programme. They are able to take out two more of the missiles, leaving only one. For this, Oracle has to access the Whitehorse satellite which she earlier used in Koroscova, and bounce the beam off a 'civilian' satellite. The Joker's plan has been foiled.


"Nuclear Roulette"Edit