Barbara and Robin are in the midst of trying out a virtual reality projection room in her Clock Tower apartment, when Dick Grayson comes to visit, bearing flowers for Babs and pizza for everyone. A few minutes later, Ted Kord arrives to see her, which means either Robin or Dick has to disappear fast, as they're not supposed to know each other. When Babs gets back from answering the door to Ted, she finds that it's Robin who remains, having used the virtual reality projection room to persuade Dick that he's being attacked by a tiger. They are then interrupted by a call from Black Canary, who is reporting in from Hasaragua, where things are going more smoothly in her mission to intercept some arms dealers than expected.

Babs' next visitor is Jason Bard, who finally finds out about her wheelchair, and who goes for a walk and a talk with her. Meanwhile, back in Hasaragua, Black Canary is attacked by Brutale and Lady Vic.