"The Noose!"Edit

Black Canary faces off against Lady Vic and Brutale in the jungle as Oracle continues to try and outwit Blockbuster and his hackers, realising who her pursuer is due to the identity of the agents he is using against Canary. Due to her influence, Stallion and a group of other mercenaries invade what is supposed to be her headquarters and find themselves instead in a firefight with a Chinatown gang.

Nightwing gets to know Cisco Blaine, the FBI agent in Blockbuster's camp a little better, but things take a turn for the worse as Black Canary is jumped by Lady Vic, and Blaine by Tad. Nightwing also discovers his car in ruins - the files on Blockbuster may well have been destroyed in the blaze.

Oracle requests that Black Canary get back to Gotham as quickly as possible, which won't be a problem since she has been kidnapped by the mercenaries, now en route to Bludhaven. And Tad reveals to Nightwing that he has killed Cisco Blaine.


"The Noose!"Edit