"The Deep"
Birds of Prey 21c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
The Hunt for Oracle
Issue Number: 21
First Published: September 2000
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #20
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #22


"The Deep"Edit

Blockbuster's goons move in on Oracle in force, having finally tracked her down to a submarine in dry dock. She pulls out all the stops trying to delay them, sustaining a bullet wound in the leg, as Black Canary races to find her. Oracle is forced to flood the submarine and the dry dock and then make a swim for it as she herself will otherwise be trapped underwater.

Canary arrives just as Oracle breaks the surface of the water. However, they aren't out of the woods just yet, as Blockbuster still wants Oracle. Finally, in an act of desperation, Canary surrenders herself to Blockbuster and friends, claiming that she is in fact their quarry.

Nightwing, Robin and Alfred find Barbara some time later, in tears, desperately worried about Dinah.


"The Deep"Edit



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