"The Hostage Heart, Part Two"Edit

Black Canary and the rest of Blockbuster's party come under fire from a group of later-toting gorillas. Deathstroke goes missing, as he only has a quarrel with Grodd and wishes to slip into Gorilla City undetected. Oracle advises Black Canary to give herself up, as there's no other way to reach the City now. Once there, she is cut off from Oracle (and Ted Kord, who is there to help) due to the technology which masks Gorilla City from the rest of the world.

Oracle contacts Blockbuster for help, a move which does not overly impress Ted - getting a crime boss to hire a terrorist is not his idea of an ethical move. But it might just save Dinah. She and the others are received by Grodd, who agrees to search for a donor heart for Blockbuster. There is, however, one last complication: Deathstroke, who is being pursued by a cadre of gorillas at this very moment.


"The Hostage Heart, Part Two"Edit