"The Hostage Heart, Part Three: Conclusion"Edit

Ma Desmond laments her dying boy, while Deathstroke storms Gorilla City and Black Canary must try to convince Grodd of her technical expertise (of which she has none) in order to get him to drop the satellite defence shield and for her to regain contact with Ted and Oracle. At the same time, the terrorist hired by Oracle approached Black Cnary's last known co-ordinates.

A DNA match is found for Blockbuster's donor heart, in the person of one of Grodd's most ruthless henchmen, Udo. At that same moment, Deathstroke is detected within the City and Grodd becomes deeply unimpressed, ordering Canary, Vic and Grimm to be killed. They are saved by Deathstroke who continues on in his hunt for vengeance against Grodd (the 'man' who slit his wife's throat), but Grodd escapes and the humans decide to attempt to do likewise. They find themselves surrounded in the central square of Gorilla City, but a last minute rescue arrives in the form of Militia. He swoops in and rescues Black Canary and the heart, leaving Lady Vic, Deathstroke and Grimm trapped.


"The Hostage Heart, Part Three: Conclusion"Edit