"Old Habits"Edit

Abandoned in Gorilla City, and surrounded by hostile simians, Deathstroke is able to bluff his way out (along with Grimm and Lady Vic) by threatening to blow everyone, himself included, to kingdom come. With, it transpires, a cigarette lighter, but Grodd doesn't know that.

Meanwhile, Ted Kord brings his Bug out of retirement, and takes Babs on a cruise through the skies, peeking into peoples' lives and getting closer to each other. Ted and Babs love the Bug, but Ted is glad to have left his life as the Blue Beetle far behind him. Dinah, at this moment, is on holiday. Ted and Babs spot a train crash on a bridge - Babs wants to help out, but ted wants to let the firemen be the heroes on this occasion. However, a child is trapped in the train and the firemen are unable to reach him, being forced back by the flames. Ted is obliged to don his Blue Beetle outfit one last time and go in to rescue the child. Escaping just in time, he finds that in some ways he is drawn to resume his role as a hero, but is unsure. He and Babs get close once again, but this time both admit that they don't want a relationship of that kind, Babs because she's getting serious about someone.


"Old Habits"Edit