"The Suiter"Edit

Bane arrives at a location in the Middle East and discovers that someone has come there before him. He assumes it is Talia and moves in to attack, but learns she is actually the Black Canary, who he does not know. They are interrupted by minions of Ra's al Ghul, and must work together to escape them. They discover a cache of arms, which was the purpose of Black Canary's recon mission. Bane finds a nuclear device and sets the detonation sequence running, to Black Canary's dismay. He then leads her to a cave beneath this which contains far more power: a Lazarus Pit. Bane then starts to 'come on' to Black Canary, but she knees him in the groin and escapes via an underground river mere seconds before the complex of caves is destroyed.

She is watched from afar by Talia and others who work for Ra's al Ghul. They are pleased at Bane's probable demise, but fear that al Ghul will be angered by the destruction of both the weapons cache and Lazarus Pit. Talia muses that her father may well have plans for Black Canary in the future.


"The Suiter"Edit